This is Your Life: WordPress Daily Prompt

This Is your Life: WordPress Daily Prompt

“If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.”

This is interesting. It reminds me of those Choose Your Own Adventure books back in the 1980′s. I have yet to find anyone else who remembers these as a kid, so please, if you do, leave a comment and let me know!

So the premise of Choose Your Own Adventure books was that at the end of a chapter or a few chapters you were given two or three scenario choices of what you would do. Then you turn to the page designated for whichever choice you make and read on until the next set of choices. The story has different endings depending on what you choose. The problem with those books was that I always skipped ahead to find the best ending.

I’d love to be able to skip ahead in life so I could choose the best ending. However, in the book that the Daily Prompt talks about above, my life is already written, so choice is not a factor. That takes the luster out of a question like that, so I’m going with a definite “no” on reading my life cover to cover, and here’s why:

1. If a book were published on all that has already happened, that would be creating a Great Disaster. Nothing entirely tragic has happened to me, but you remember my post Use It Or Lose It? The one about “catastrophic embarrassing” moments? Yeah, I don’t want things like that published. Especially if the author is detail oriented.

2. If the same book that gets published also contains all that ever will happen to me, that would be killing the Great Adventure. I definitely want to know how some things will turn out, but when it comes down to it, the mystery of life and the not knowing is part of life’s beauty and adventure.

I’d hate to know what happens tomorrow because then the elements of discovery and surprise are gone. I don’t want my moments in life to be ruined by a “been there done that” perspective. I want my delights and joys to be real and full. On the other side of the coin, I don’t want my present moments to be ruined with worry about what will happen tomorrow.

Today is a perfect example. I found myself thinking of something I’d read in the bible that Jesus said: “Do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough problems of its own.” I wonder if it would it be rude to tell Jesus that he had spoken a huge understatement?

Nah …

Either way, I’ve had my share of “enough problems” today – “smack me in the face with a brick”, fear-inducing money problems, ones that I can’t imagine being compounded by the added burden of tomorrow’s problems. Then I’d have a smack on all four cheeks to deal with, and frankly, I don’t dig that whole sadism or masochism thing.

This is my life, after all, and I’d like it to have as much quality as possible, along with a decent amount of quantity. I am hoping and praying for a season of peace and prosperity following a good four years of financial hardship. I’m not sure how honored a prayer it will be, given that there’s “enough trouble for today” each day.

But since I don’t have to read a book of my life cover to cover, I have the hope of a Great Surprise. And if that wonderful gift or series of gifts falls into my lap, I’m going to buy my kitties the coolest cat condo on the market, buy a nice steel tongue drum, and sooth a few years worth of trouble away with melody, harmony, and my two frisky cats.


5 thoughts on “This is Your Life: WordPress Daily Prompt

  1. I would say for you to write the happy ending now, its never too late…..Once you tune your thoughts and writing to what you prefer to be you will find peace instantly…….What most do not realize is that each moment is our only moment, if you cannot be happy NOW, you will never be happy because now is the only moment that matters… if you take to writing a future you prefer, you will experience the feeling of it now, whats the harm in that?


    • Where’s the like button! Thanks for your wise encouraging words Meistergo…I started the blot in part because writing satisfies the deep, and something like these two little pals of mine has been my happiest blog attempt yet.


      • I cant believe my whole reply just disappeared. In short your welcom and i completley understand being overwhelmed. There is so much to know and learn that it can hinder doing what we really want to do, and that is to write. I am challenged with these feeling getting my own blog properly set up to not steer away readers because of format or whatever…. any tips will be appreciated, i love your format by the way….


  2. Thanks again meistro.. its great to get feedback and others life experience.. have u tried Learn It helped a little. I would buy a Blogging For Dummies book for sure if they have one. I may check on amazon.


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