In A Crisis: WordPress Daily Prompt

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My Problems

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

The WordPress Daily Prompt writing exercise for today is a revealer of true colors for those of us brave enough to air the dirty litter.  We’d all like to think we’re calm, cool, and collective 24/7.  We all know we’re not.  Only the percentages vary per person per circumstance.

As for me, take a look at the above picture.  Nope, it’s not a penguin blog, if indeed the tuxedo fellow up there is a penguin.  It’s a cat blog, and in a crisis, this raspberry blowing kitty represents me. This is how I respond if the crisis is mine and if it’s financial.  I mainly freak out about financial crises because they have persisted for far too long.  I got stretched to the max till I have nothing left but a frazzled bundle of raw nerves waiting for the next little blow to my financial boat.  Actually, I’m on more of a raft tearfully waving goodbye to my volleyball friend. “Wilson!!!”

Now that the state of my affairs has been stated, aka I’m not rich by any means, I do have some redemptive potential when it comes to a crisis.  Generally speaking, if the crisis belongs to someone else, I am a cool cat. I can offer advice with a clear head, pump you up with encouragement, and let you know hands down, thumbs up that YOU are going to be ok.  I can have faith in others’ problems working out much better than I can my own.

So basically, with my problems there’s a lot of slobber flying around with my frazzle cat “thwppps!” going airborne with every breath.  But if another is in crisis, hey baby, chill, it’s all good, easy breezy nice and cheezy …


Your Problems


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