The Simple Pleasures


When I visit the local pet store, or even Wal-Mart or the grocery store, I am amazed at all the cat toys and cat entertainment products on the market.  I have bought my share of the typical balls, mice, feather toys, and lasers.  I don’t mind buying them.  They are fun while they last.  They just don’t last very long.  I’m not referring to the quality of the product, but of the short-term interest they hold for a cat.  For some reason, it’s the everyday household things that seem to most often capture my cats’ attention.

Last night I finally went through some boxes and located my nail clipping kit.  Toby and Timba seemed thoroughly attuned to the act of me clipping my nails.  Funny how they don’t have the same enjoyment when it’s their own nails being clipped.  The noise and the occasional airborne nail held their rapt attention and demanded an occasional leap from the bed to investigate these fascinating flying objects.  However, the real enjoyment for them was when I brought out the magic metal nail file.  Ooh la la … if they could they could talk I’d hear a cacophony of oohs and aahs, offset with an occasional “aaaaaesome!” or “coooool!”, like children opening presents on Christmas morning.

At first I fumbled the file and it fell on the bed, where Toby cutely pawed it around and nipped it to feel its texture and get the most out of it.  I have learned that with cats you have to just go with the flow.  Otherwise you will forever be annoyed and impatient at how they interject themselves into every little thing you do, thereby delaying daily tasks.  After a few chuckles at his interest and amusement, I picked up the file and began smoothing my nails and rounding them out.

This was pure audible bliss for Timba.  He stood up and clung to my hands, arching his toes around the file and frequently biting it.  It was a sweet little delight to watch him and play with him with this simple everyday item. It held his attention much longer than a little ball with a bell.  After finishing, I threw the file on the floor where he promptly pounced to exercise his predatory skills.  Soon after I turned down the covers, turned out the light, and breathed a contented sigh, happy that bedtime had arrived.

One minute later, another common household item piqued my kitties’ interest.  The cardboard crate from the pet store, which held absolutely no appeal for Toby in the two most recent car rides, was suddenly a gift sent from heaven in a ray of light.  In and out of the box they romped, scuffing, scratching, scuttling, clearly enjoying the noise much more than me.  But I let it roll off my shoulders, making the mental note that this is just part of life with cats.  I smiled while they played, and soon after they were hopping on the bed to join me for the night.  Thank God for kitty A.D.D.

Thank God also for the everyday household things.  It definitely saves money and prevents me from stepping on hard plastic cat toys in the middle of the night.  And it reminds me of deeper things when I allow myself, like my cats, to tune in to them.

1) You don’t need a lot of money to have a lot of fun

2) The world around you is bursting with simple pleasures waiting to be discovered

3) Creativity and imagination are the cure to boredom

4) Life is best enjoyed in community and togetherness, one day at a time

So on this last note, I wish you, the reader, a simply wonder-full day 🙂



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