The Truth About Cat and Dog Food

It’s tax refund time, which means I had a little play room on Friday to get the kitties some goodies.  I browsed Petsmart online and found a few toys that I promptly purchased after work at the local store.  I also stumbled upon a brand of food I’d once seen in passing called Blue Buffalo, so I curiously read through the scads of customer reviews which were all 5 shining stars of nothing but good things to say.  Many people commented on noticeable health benefits to their pets after just one month of switching to Blue Buffalo: shinier, softer coats, less hairballs, less food sensitive vomiting, reduced litter box odor, more energy, reduced or no urinary infections, and appropriate pet weight.  This was enough to pique my interest, and with the financial wiggle room I decided to purchase a 7 lb. bag for $10.

Yes, I know that’s expensive.  I have been a Purina and Friskies buyer for much of my cat owning life.  What could possibly be wrong with them? I don’t need high-end foods like Iams or Science Diet or some weird name found only at the vet office, right? As long as the bag says it provides nutrients, and as long as the brand is reputable, that should be good enough.

Well, the good news is, I didn’t waste my $10.  My cats love Blue Buffalo.  The other good news is the following day I came across an article that touched on this very topic and opened my eyes to some very unpleasant but enlightening, life changing things.  The article is called 5 Pet Food Secrets Corporations Don’t Want You To Know About by Victoria Swanson, a health coach with the Smart Living Network.

All the commercial brands most of us buy at Wal-Mart or the grocery store, including high-end brands, that we’ve been using for our beloved pets are filled with some pretty unthinkable ingredients labeled as “meat” or “by-products”.  I will let you read the article for yourself – fear not, it is short! – but let me throw out a few things that nearly made me want to throw up:  head, feet, horns, beaks, tumors, diseased animals, euthanized pets, difficult to digest grains, and grease.

Fortunately after leaving us with such daunting images, Ms. Swanson offers a link to another article giving her top 3 recommended dog foods.  She  also has a top 3 cat food recommendation list that you may need to search for on the site.  However, I am personally relieved to find out through the comments section that Blue Buffalo is also a highly recommended brand by her.  I will leave you with her words and research, and then give a link to Blue Buffalo’s website, where you can read about their brand of cat and dog food, dry and wet, with plenty of life stage or health specific formulas.  You can also take a comparison test (very short) and see how your current brand compares with Blue Buffalo.  Doing this sets you up to receive $3 and $5 coupons on dry food, with additional coupons for wet food and treats.

~Happy tails to you and your furry pals~


One thought on “The Truth About Cat and Dog Food

  1. I use to work at a Petsmart. Blue Buffalo is one of the better dog foods out there. Cut’s out the fillers that you mentioned (corn, wheat, etc.). Pedigree or Friskies is like McDonald’s everyday. If you can afford the change go for it. As for IAMS or Science Diet, not worth it. Next step down would be Nature’s Recipe or Natural Choice.


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