Still here, Living and Loving

While spring still feels like it’s sprung a leak and the earth’s cold inhabitants are pining for a more favorable groundhog prediction, we have at least had a few warm days. Warm enough that I can sit outside on the back porch and enjoy the relatively quiet outdoors. Lately I’ve been watching the birds on these occasions, and after a few days, I happened to turn my head to the sliding glass door and see that I wasn’t the only one watching the birds. My large white fur ball Timba was perhaps a more astute observer than myself, or maybe at least more animated about it. While I sat calmly watching the mother dove who’d been landing five feet away from me and searching the lawn for fallen twigs, he sat wiggling his hindquarters, eyes wide open and nearly crossed with curious excitement, ready to pounce if only it weren’t for that darn screen door.

Turns out the ‘mother’ dove is actually the male dove, who partners with the female by gathering the materials for the nest and taking them to the female, who builds the nest. That’s amazing that they share the work load, because I was completely marveling in the idea that a bird builds its nest literally one twig at a time. I was feeling pretty lazy in comparison to birds, and even other creatures like ants, who labor so diligently just to maintain daily living.

Another thing that occurred to me in these times is that my sweet sweet cats, who are so soft and cuddly and precious, who are so endearing to me, are actually cruel predators in the ‘real world’. Soft white Timba, and quirky grey Toby would kill a bird or a mouse in order to survive if it weren’t for the blessings of modern-day in-home pet ownership. In other words, I live with two natural-born killers.

Odd thought for sure.

I know I’ve been incognito for a while. There’s not much to account for it. I could call it writer’s block or mild depression, but whatever it is, it is what it is. At least my two cats are here with me through it. Everyday life with them is awesome. I work a job that isn’t entirely exciting. In fact, my purpose factor has no connection to this job whatsoever save for the fact that I am loyal to those who help me.

Lately I’ve been looking forward to coming home to be with Toby and Timba. I shopped at Petsmart a few days ago, and that always inspires my love for my cats. It feels so good to go shopping for them, even if it’s just food and litter. But it’s never just food and litter. I have to buy a few bags of treats and at least one toy. So this trip I walked away with the Blue Buffalo food I’ve been buying lately, and a mouse toy/fishing-rod-style plus a pop-up cube to go with the pop-up tunnel I bought a few months ago.

To those who have cats, I have two serious product endorsements: Blue Buffalo cat food (dog food also), which has already resulted in amazing health benefits to my cats in just 2 months, and the pop-up tunnel, which has been the hands-down top toy of all time that I’ve bought for my cats. They absolutely love running through it and wrestling together inside of it. I’ll add catnip to the tunnel for extra fun, but really it requires nothing. And I know the food has given my cats a new level energy that had previously been lacking.

So my incognito weeks have been spent making it through the insane 40 hour work week we’re all bound to, followed by ‘real life’ – life after the 40 hours – which for me has been time with friends, time reading incredible books, and time with my daily companions who really have inspired me to want to live, in the midst of a season where living seems mundane and without much purpose, so that I can live to love them the way that God has created them to be loved.

I love my two cats, and I am so thankful they’re in my life and that writing about life with them can make a few of you smile and maybe even touch and tweak your hearts on some level.


2 thoughts on “Still here, Living and Loving

  1. Nice to have you back! I wonder if Blue Buffalo would help with my cat’s asthma – what do you think? She’s 7 now and this winter she’s had a harder time shaking it which means a lot more prednisone and a greater risk of diabetes. Maybe a change of diet might help?


  2. Hi Susan,

    I would advocate Blue Buffalo for her, checking into the Adult and Senior line of dry food (or wet if that’s her preference). Because it is all natural food sources combined with vitamin/mineral packed pieces that are ‘cold pressed’ to maintain the highest nutritional retention (versus heating preparation of most other pet foods, kind of like the human difference between fresh or steamed veggies and the canned veggies). A good overall healthy body is bound to improve her on levels that might inadvertenly help with asthma, and at least make her feel better, having a stronger immune system for sure.

    None of the bags I just checked out mention lung health benefits. However, heart, eye, urinary, immune, bone, joint, and hairball controll are all part of most formulas, some having stronger content to suit specific needs. If she’s overweight, even mildly, that could be pushing her organs together more and maybe squishing her lungs, so in a roundabout way a low-calorie specific (like Blue Longevity) might be a good option. Or if she has a lot of hairballs or hacking with inability, get the hairball control specific formula (Blue Indoor Health).

    Next thing maybe to check out is litter. I’m thinking dusty litters bother humans, probably cats also. So I would research various litters and see if there’s one that’s a good fit for cats with asthma. I would research on the web common cat allergies and see if there’s anything in the home that might be causing asthma attacks or making them worse. I may even do some of this for you, I like doing cat research stuff, lol.

    But I’ll never go less than Blue on the food. It’s so great to see healthier coats of fur and higher energy levels, makes me feel confident that the unseen internal parts are getting better as well. If you take the “True Blue Test” and compare cat foods to Blue’s, then you give your name and address and they mail you coupons to use. Here’s the website: (and on that note, I just saw the purple bag that might be worth looking into over all the others: Blue Freedom Grain-Free bag, here’s direct link:


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