What To Do When You’re Unemployed

Well the obvious thing is look for a job! That I have been doing, though I confess I gave myself two weeks of partial searching and partial relaxing. It’s starting to feel like crunch time though because how long can severance pay last?

In the meantime, I am surprisingly, and I mean surprisingly not as stressed as I should be. Wherever the case of “freak out”s have gone to, they can surely stay there. I am enjoying a mostly unknotted stomach and longer fingernails unscathed by nervous biting.

So my answer is to chill and live life.  Where would worrying get me? The days will pass, interviews will be or not be, regardless of how I spend the non-searching part of my days.  Maybe this is a little gift from God: time to sleep in, oddly non-humid weather, time at the pool, and lots and lots of books.

Oh the goodness of pummeling through suspense after suspense. Currently I have been nosediving into Dennis Lehane’s private investigator series. Let me share the good news with those of you who enjoy mystery/PI/crime fictions: Lehane is a powerhouse writer.  Ever seen the movies Mystic River, Shutter Island, or Gone Baby Gone? He wrote the books.  And the Kenzie/Gennaro PI series is kick butt awesome, my new favorite series. Suffice it to say Kitty Mama highly recommends the series and Lehane’s other books.

So what have I been doing while unemployed other than searching, pooling, sleeping, or reading?  Why seeing new sides to my cats of course.  With more time home I am able to see the endearing things, like Timba’s little nudge of the paw.  Whether sitting or lying down for a while, Timba will eventually join me, usually in front of me on the bed, and stick a paw out and tap me, as if to say “hey, ‘sup” or “I’m here”, or “how ’bout some pets?” Too, too cute.  The first time I noticed this I wanted to scoop him out of his comfortable position and squeeze the snoogins out of him. He’s the laid back affectionate cat, whereas Toby is the climb-up-your-chest, hard head-nudging-for-affection type of cat.

Even as I sit here typing this, I see a quirk of Toby’s.  He is dipping his paw into a glass of water, then licking his paw.  He’s my sophisticated drinker, a hardcore fan of the bathroom sink drizzle.  Yes, sometimes I sit in the bathroom longer than need be just so Toby gets his ‘fresh from the tap’ fix.

I’ve also witnessed both of their playfulness on a grander scale with my extended time at home.  Generally I give cat nip to bring out the fun, but they are quite capable of kitty antics without it.  Toby, while older, is smaller.  Toby, if you’ve read early posts in my blog, was harassed to the nine by tiny kitten Timba.  Now that Timba’s bigger, and a much more fair and less aggressive playmate, it is the most hysterical thing to watch my “little guy” (Toby) beat up my “big boy” (Timba).

Timba got the smack down last night.  There are seven or eight piles of white fur littering the carpet as evidence.  Toby was like Jordan going airborne and tumbling into Timba, who cowed down in the “ears back, eyes locked” kitty standoff I find so amusing.  Cats are so in tune with the most minute of bodily cues, and I love to sit and study it to try to peg the moment when one is going to make a move.

At any rate, the romping, the tackling, the paw-egg-it-on-ing, the airborne flips and jumps all serve to make me laugh and make my heart leap with gladness and adoration for my two cats.  What an incredible gift.  What an amazing creature God has made.  I honestly think that living with my two boys is a large part of why I’m not so stressed while unemployed.  Animals really are therapeutic.  In ways I cannot see, their presence and personalities have unwound the tightly bound cords of my inner self.  I’m relaxed, more easy-going, I laugh more, and I appreciate more.  What more could a girl want?

Oh, a job! 🙂


2 thoughts on “What To Do When You’re Unemployed

  1. Also unemployed here, but for a lot longer.

    I hear you loud and clear on the positive aspects of the situation. Don’t lose that attitude. The job market is miserable and it will keep you sane as more and more time passes. Trust me…


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