Paws and Rewind

I didn’t expect unemployment to last for the 3 months that it has so far.  Life sure throws its share of curve balls, or rather, spits it’s fair share of hair balls.  I have been without internet during this time, complicating the job search a bit, and seriously hindering the blogging experience.  Finally I am at a computer where I can pause from life and reflect on the past 3 months.  I’m sure anyone who is or has been unemployed knows all about the effects of this unplanned and stressful “vacation” from the daily grind.  So I’m going to focus on the good things that have happened during my “time off” from the workforce.

Graciously, an uncle sent me money to visit my dad’s side of the family in NY.  I was there for 9 days, the longest amount of time away from my two furry pals.  Perhaps the thing that helped me deal well with their absence in my daily life would be the fact that my father had 9 kittens to occupy my time (and to get their piercing little claws in me).  All of them were orange tabby except for a solid black one, who was my favorite.  I had a hard time parting with Saber, who’s handsome panther-like face captured me much the same way Toby’s face did when he was a kitten.  If I had a house, and not an apartment with a 2 cat limit, and if I of course had a good job, Saber would’ve found himself a new home and Toby and Timba would be having hissy fits over the audacity of me to bring a newcomer into their home.

But life without Saber is just fine.  I do think someday when I have my own home, some of you will be reading a blog called My Three Cats;) I don’t know.  Toby and Timba finally gel so well together.  They are pure enjoyment to watch.  No fights, but daily rumbles and romps which keep me laughing.  Everything is harmonious between them and I’d have to think carefully about how another little one would affect this welcomed balance.  That idea though is probably several years down the road, which by then I may decide that my aging boys would be even less inclined to have four sets of claws and a mouthful of teeth energetically connecting with their well-groomed and undisturbed coats.

My time has largely been spent at home with my cats.  I’m quite fine with quietness in a household, and books have continued to be a steady part of my intellectual diet.  I simply love the books I’ve been reading.  I discovered Steven James FBI “Patrick Bowers” series.  Very cool and very recommended.  I finished the Dennis LeHane series, remorsefully, and recommend these even above Steven James.  I read Stephen King’s Rose Madder, and had no idea that book ever existed.  A wonderfully good book about an abused wife who leaves her crazy-cop husband.  It is along the lines of Sleeping With The Enemy … she finds real love in her new town, the ex finds her, and there’s the King-like supernatural element thrown in for some extra fun and dynamics.

Now I’m going through a Koontz novel, By The Light of The Moon.  It’s a slow go, but I hate to not finish a book.  If only all Koontz books were as amazing as some of them are.  And to go with all these daily treasures of cats and books, I found an $8 soft throw-blanket that has cats sitting in front of a bookshelf.  Absolutely SO ME.  I love this blanket and I’m tempted to indulge in a second one.  Toby and Timba also agree with the plush softness, and they bask in its warmth throughout much of the night.  Timmy of course ends up beside me, and the sweet thought of this makes me wish I were home now with these two amazing creatures.  I can’t imagine life without them.  They aren’t here on earth for me, but I do get the gift of them in my life, and they do tend to serve functions in my life such as love, joy, peace, laughter, stability, and recently sanity.

Yep, my Russian Blue and my little white lion are champions of goodness in my life in general, and especially while navigating the lost empty space of unemployment.  They have kept me happy, sane, and grounded.  I am trying to consciously treasure this “time off” and not fill myself with worrisome thoughts and emotions, but letting the good times sink in.  I’m sure I’ll be nostalgic for them soon enough, when 8am – 5pm once again has its grubby little hold on me.

Until next time, peace, paws, and kitty kisses to each of you.


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