My Top Ten Favorite Cat Photos

While I haven’t been blogging regularly due to unemployment and sparse access to a computer, I did get an IPhone and downloaded some photo editing apps.  It kept me laughing and sane to tweak photos of Toby and Timba, so I thought I’d share with you the fun I’ve had over the past few months.  I hope these bring a smile to your day!

1.  Timba didn’t appreciate me dolling him up for this photo.  Oh well! You got a cat mom, not a cat dad!


2.  Timba looking much more masculine and appreciative of my sense of fashion.

3.  Toby looking handsome – pretty fly for a grey guy!

4. The mother ship has landed and this is what they brought us.


5. Toby loves to go to the Tub for a drink every chance he gets.


6. Dragnet Kitties!

1450903_10202599814661872_483652904_n (1)

7. My little stud muffin Timba.


8. My little stud muffin Toby.


9. My coffee thief Timba. He actually just loves to smell it.


10. Timba vowing revenge on me!



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