Cats Mimic Their Owners

Type in the phrase “do cats (or pets) reflect their owners’ personalities” and you’ll get a number of articles that discuss that yes, they do.  I think about this every now and then when I catch my cats doing something that reminds me of myself.  For example, I like music and particularly rhythm.  One day I tuned in to Toby’s water drinking rhythm and found that it wasn’t the typical metronome of a lap. Nope. Toby was licking the water in triplets, which if you aren’t familiar, are in a rhythmic timing that sounds just like the word.  Tap your leg steadily, and for each tap say the word “trip-l-et”.  That’s the rhythm Toby always drinks to, humorously more pronounced on the pulse, or beat 1.


Another quirky similarity I see is in Timba, who is younger than Toby by a year and a half. I got Timba as a kitten and he was all piss and vinegar, truly a feisty Flame Point who prowled the apartment like a lion searching out who or what he could ‘burn’ with his flaming personality. In essence, he was, and still is an instigator.  Sibling rivalry exists because of Timba.  That is strikingly resemblant to my own childhood. I used to instigate my older brother and then run to my mother when he retaliated, thereby getting him in trouble. I was a little snot in that regard, just as I’m sure that this is the way Toby heavily regarded Timba, and may sometimes still do.

Another odd thing I notice with Toby is that he has strict preference on his snuggling posture.  When he climbs up me to rest in my arms, he always does so facing the left. He never sits in my arms facing to the right.  If I put him that way he squirms and protests until I switch him around facing the left, eliciting his cute little sigh that say “yes, all is right with the world now.”  In a similar fashion, I only lay on my right side when I rest.  I can hardly be on my left side for more than a few minutes until all is not right with my world, so I flip to the right and do my own little sigh.

While all cats seem to have an appreciation for subtlety, Timba has a much more pronounced interest in it.  I also appreciate subtlety and notice minute details and changes in the people or environment around me.  Timba is highly attuned to the slightest of changes.  One of my favorite things to do with him is to take his fishing pole rod toy and move it painstakingly slowly across the bed.  I watch him stare at it, eyes dilated and ears back, ready to pounce. If I scoot it across the bed quickly he hardly gives it a second glance. But throw subtle movement in and he’s intrigued to the nth degree, just like me.

So what habits or personality traits of yours do you see your cats or dogs reflecting? Please feel free to comment and share! Research shows there is a correlation, and personal experience for me does as well.  I’d love to hear your own humorous stories of how your fur-babies “take after you”!




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